Arbor Doctor specializes in treating all species of trees. With over 25 years of combined experience, anyone at Arbor Doctor can help you save, rather than replace, your favorite tree. We refer out the best trees services to trim and remove dead trees.  We use a variety of different treatment methods from the best companies in the plant health sciences industry.
     Major advantages of trunk injections

  • Treatment goes directly to source of problem as it is injected into the living part of the tree.
  • No over-spray like spray methods that can have harmful effects on animals and the environment.
  • Chemical lasts one - three years.  No multiple visits needed annually like other methods.
  • Very successful in field use for the last 60 years.  Best success in treating oak wilt, maple wilt, emerald ash borer and many other diseases.

We employ tree care specialists that can both diagnose and treat your trees for diseases.  Our professionals look to save the trees that can be saved; We do not offer up advice to treat dead trees or ones that are not beneficial to our customers.  Arbor Doctor was created to help people who would like to know more about their trees, and save their trees from diseases.   We build long-lasting relationships with our customers.
Need someone to do this???

We only refer out the best of the best.  That insures that you get the best service possible.  We have dedicated a page to tree services in different areas that will be there when you need them with excellent service.

Arbor Doctor does not offer trimming or removal services and never will.  We focus on saving the trees that can be saved.  Every now and then a tree is not healthy enough to survive, and that's when we have you turn to the best for removals.
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