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Tree Services we recommend
Arbor Doctor focus is on saving trees from disease.  We do not trim or remove trees.  We do want to help you out though by recommending out only the best tree services in the twin cities metro area.  Below is a map of the twin cities metro area.  Click on the major city closest to you to learn about some of these great companies.  Note that tree services will offer service in multiple cities. To ensure you good prices it is often good to find a local company. 
Disclaimer:  Arbor Doctor has high standards of referrals.  All contractors are licensed and insured and many have been in service for 10+ years.  We do not take responsibility for any work that these companies do or any damage they may cause.  We do suggest contacting Arbor Doctor if you are having any problems with your tree service as we would like to keep good contractors on this list and bad ones off of it.
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Jordan, Belle Plaine