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With spring approaching fast there will be many issues on the hoizon in trees.  Now dont get too worried but as trees might have a bigger issue then emerald ash borer.  With ash yellows spread to too many trees to count this problem will need to be dealt with or all the ash trees will perish under the care of many unsuspecting homeowners and arborists alike.  We at Arbor Doctor will do everything we can to spread the word about this disease.  It isnt a fancy invasive species that you can see but the damage spread fast and kills trees quickly.  The issue with treating this disease is that timing is very important.  Bacteria spreads fast in warm and wet environments and the spring will set this disease ablaze. 

Contact to the Minnesota department of agriculture has been established and testing can be done on trees to see if they are affected by ash yellows.  I have created a page that goes over ash yellows.  The link can be found here.  Learn more about the disease and how to spot it in your trees.  If you need an arborist out to your home we will be there at no charge to you.

Bryan GIlles