Watch for
Linden trees are fairly healthy and great trees to plant residentially.  They do get some minor diseases that are cosmetic and rarely get a disease that can completely kill them.  The only known disease that can kill the linden is called anthracnose.  It is a fungus disease that is easily distinguished by black spotting showing up on the leaves first.  Eventually it will spread to the trunk and bark of the tree. 
Gypsy moths can do damage to linden trees but have not been detected in Minnesota as of yet.  Linen trees make for great residential trees with the only real drawback being that they get very full and have a shallow root system.  In a mature state these trees are susceptible to being blown down in heavy winds.  They fill out very nice and are rarely trimmed although trimming is essential in these trees to keep from uprooting in winds.
Other leaf diseases such as mildew can be present on leaves.  here are some things to watch for in Linden trees:
  • Black spots on leaves
  • White buildup on leaves
  • Insects such as abnormal caterpillars on leaves
  • Black coal like buildup around branches
  • Leaves turning brown and falling
  • Holes in leaves

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