Winter Burn
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The picture to the right might make some people cringe.  The depressing state that your arborvitae were in after a hard winter.  Now don't grab out the shovel and dig them out.  Winter burn can often be turned around in just one year.  What caused this is a very simple answer.  This problem generally only shows up on one side of your bushes and turns them all brown. That is because hard cold winds were hitting that side of the tree. 

Now there are a couple of solutions that can have your bushes returning to great shape in no time flat.  I usually suggest a treatment of Miracid from Miracle Grow in the spring and fall seasons.  This will give them a quick release fertilizer and PH lowering solution.

Covering these bushes in the fall may also be a great idea. Burlap is often the material of choice for a project like this.  Wrap them and tie it off to dampen the harsh winds that did this in the first place.