American Elm
Watch for
Elm trees have been known as trees that you do not want to plant anymore.  That is because of the spread of Dutch elm disease and its devastating effects.  Dutch elm disease is a fungus disease that is deadly and a rapid killer of the American elm species.  The main thing a homeowner would want to do is identify that they have an American elm.  There are many different sites with plenty of pictures if you can not identify your tree using the pictures from this website.  Elm trees are generally fairly large because nurseries have stopped growing them due to Dutch elm disease and its effects on the trees.
Dutch elm disease is spread by a bark beetle which causes severe damage on its own but coupled with the fungus that it carries from tree to tree makes this disease a very serious problem.  Homeowners that have American elm trees and want to save their trees will have to treat their trees with two separate chemicals in different seasons.  A fungicide is needed in the spring season and an insecticide is needed in the fall season.  The large size of the trees makes saving an American elm very costly.
Cities have set up quarantines on this disease and at first sign of its infection with Dutch elm they are marked and need to be removed within 30 days in most cases.  So if you have an American elm the best thing to do is to work and protecting it now or remove it before it gets bigger and much more dangerous to remove. Here are some signs that your tree has Dutch Elm Disease.

  • Leaves turning brown on tips (pictured top right)
  • Sections dying out
  • Beetles present
  • Holes in bark
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