Watch for
Poplar trees are usually put up in a line to form a tall fence.  These trees are common to find healthy around wet spots or ponds.  They really like water.  Maybe more than any other tree native to this region.  The problem with poplar is that they do horribly when they are planted in any area that is not a swamp land.  This has some to do with the fact that it can never get enough water. 
The other problems are cankers.  They get two types of cankers that are very serious and kill off these fast growing trees.  If you have a poplar tree there is a good chance that you tree resembles the one on the top right of this page.  Wired thing is that people usually remove poplar trees once they look like that tree.  if the leaves fell off recently the limbs are still alive.  This tree can be treated but rarely is.  Poplars are not shade trees but they are very nice trees to have.
The other tow diseases that poplars often get are leaf rust and a leaf bronzing disease which can both be found on the right hand side of the page.  Both of these trees can cause major damage to a poplar tree and should be taken care of if you are planning on keeping your tree.  Her are some things to look for in your poplar:

  • Leaves have yellow spots
  • Leaves turning an orange to red color
  • Sections dying out
  • Cankers present (deformity in trunk)
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