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Needlecast is a fungus of the needles that causes dieback in sections of trees.  This disease generally affects trees of the pinus species.  Examples include blue spruce, Norway pine, and black hills spruce.  Needlecast itself is a general name given to a group of fungi that cause sectional dieback. The needles change colors, and the fall off the tree.  In the case of blue spruce the damage looks like the picture to the right.

The disease itself does not generally cause fatality in trees but disfigurement will occur due to needle drop and no regrowth in similar areas.  When outside stresses are added to this disease major dieback can occur, and death in some cases.  The disease is spread by spores and is very similar to diplodia in spreading pattern.

The needles that are dropped from the tree contain the fungus and the spores are produced from within the needles.  Needlecast is spread through the entire growing season. This disease is often mistaken for other problems in the landscape, so it is essential that you contact a professional to figure out the best means of action for your trees.


Treatment for needlecast can be done with spraying.; Other techniques, such as base drenches, do not have the effectiveness that spraying has.  In some species systemic trunk injections will be an acceptable method.  If this disease is spotted in the spring, then spraying should continue immediately for best chance of recovery.

Pair fungicide treatments with a fertilizer, such as Miracid treatments by Miracle-Gro, to achieve best results for your tree.  Other PH balancing techniques are also possible such as gypsum or lime.