Leaf Scorch
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Bacterial leaf scorch is a bacteria that can affect many different plants.  In many cases this disease is not fatal but certain forms of leaf scorch can kill trees.  As the name suggests the leaf looks like it has been scorched, which can be confused with sun scalding.  When homeowners see this they can confuse it with underwatering, and water is often added to a plant.  That process can be harmful to a tree as water and heat make a good environment for bacterial growth. 

The spread of leaf scorch, and other bacterial diseases, is attributed to vector carrying insects.  These bugs move the disease from tree to tree by feeding off the chlorophyll of multiple hosts.  Like the picture to the right shows the outsides of the leaves are affected first and turn a brown color.  This disease first works in sections, in trees, rather than the entire tree showing symptoms of leaf scorch all at once.


Treatment for leaf scorch is done with a trunk injection method.  This ensures the anti-bacterial has little exposure to air and other elements that can break down the chemical. It looks very similar to many diseases of trees; Treatment of this should be done after a proffesional with a highly trained eye can properly diagnose this disease or if testing has been done.