Fire Blight
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Fire blight is a bacterial disease in trees.  This disease starts in a section and kills of a branch at a time.  If you look at the picture to the right you will see a great picture of how this disease works.  Apple species are all succeptable to this disease and was very uncommon in the past.  Now this bacteria is coming on strong and threatens the midwest apple crops.  Fire blight is found in larger more established apple trees and rarely affects small trees.

The disease spreads with help of spores.  When the disease matures in a tree it opens wounds that ooze a slicky substance.  This substance helps with the spread of the pathogen to other trees in the area.  If you have a valuable apple tree having it looked at might be a good idea.


All known treatments for fire blight are systemic trunk injections.  The practice for controling this disease includes cutting out any areas that show signs of the disease.  So dead branches must be removed from the tree to help from further spread of fire blight.