Elm Yellows
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Elm yellows is a bacteria that affects different elm species.  It is a less common disease than dutch elm disease but its damage is just as cripiling. The disease is spread throughout a host tree by leaf hoppers or aphids.  The disease pattern is very similar to ash yellows.  The disease starts showing up by turning sections of the tree yellow.  The picture on the right shows a young elm with ash yellows.  The top section of the tree is yellowing and will die off in the next season. 


Elm yellows can be treated with an anti-bacterial trunk injection.  The chemical helps to suppress the bacteria and needs to be done for several years in a row.  It is important to rule out Dutch elm disease before concluding a tree has elm yellows since DED is a very common disease.  No other treatment methods are acceptable for control of this disease and should be carried out by a licensed professional.