Apple scab is an infectious fungus that affects the leaves and fruit of the apple genus. The disease is passed from tree to tree by spores.  The spores are on diseased leaves, and will fall to the ground. Raking up every leaf can be difficult, so disease is easily spread from tree to tree and keeps coming back every single year when the feeder roots take up the fungus. The picture to the right shows the disease cycle of apple scab.

Apple scab itself usually does not kill the tree, but in highly stressed trees it can take a tree down slowly over many years.  The affects are usually cosmetic, because of a bare tree during the summer.  This disease is so common that it is rare to see an apple tree without this disease with no treatment involved. 


Spraying for apple scab is the best known suppression.  This is a process and requires spraying two or more times.  The first spray should be done when leaves appear, but before the flowers open in the spring. The second spray should be done about two weeks later. 

Injections of fungicide are also a great treatment option if your apple tree does not branch low. This is done in the fall to protect for the following season.  The best chemical to treat for apple scab is propiconazole.

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Apple Scab
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