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Arbor Doctor now serves the West Covina, CA area.  You now have the best arborists services available to you if you live in the West Covina area or surrounding communities.  Arbor Doctor has certified ISA certified arborists that can help to diagnose problems with the trees in your landscape and help save them from those harmful diseases.  We also have the ability to detect malnutrition in trees and shrubs and prescribe the proper nutrition for the tree or shrub.  

Our methods are only the most successful on the market.  We use the safest methods of treatment so if we are working near water, animals or children they are safe from the harmful problems that some chemicals may have.  We prefer using methods that do not damage trees like arbor systems systemic trunk injections.  This system uses needle injections into the trunk of the tree to administer the medicine that the tree will need to get better.  Chemicals are injected into the veins of the tree and is very similar to getting a shot at the doctor.

While Arbor Doctor does not specialize in trimming ot removal services we work with some of the best tree services in the area that provide these services.  Our REFERAL PAGE is a great resource for finding qualified tree services in your area that have been screened by Arbor Doctor.  Proper tree trimming and removal may be important in some cases and the experts at arbor doctor can help to expain the benefits of proper trimming and helping to link up the right tree service with the residents of West Covina.  
Tree disease is all we do at Arbor Doctor and we are proud to serve the residents of West Covina, CA.  Check out our website further as it is a great resource for homeowners.  You can properly diagnose problems yourself and see what the diseases do to your trees.  It is important to learn about the diseases of trees so you know when you need to do something.

At Arbor Doctor we do not look to take your money and run.  Instead we are wanting to see how well the treatments are working and keep your trees healthy in the long term.  Many of the suggestions that we make are able to be done by the homeowner and are generally not services of our company.  We try to be experts in all areas of the landscape.

Arbor Doctor serves the following zip codes of West Covina: 91790, 91791, 91792, 91793
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Why hire ISA certified professionals?
Ok so you see this logo all the time.  It is from the International Society of Arborists.  But what does it mean and why would you want to hire someone who is ISA certified?  You might be mondering if we just pay money and become ISA certified. Or that it is some made up label.  

ISA is the standard for the tree care industry.  Many cities that require licenses to do tree work in a city require ISA certification.  What that requires is that tree services' opperator needs to pass a test on just about everything within the tree industry.  This makes individuals with ISA certifiactions very knowledgable on just about everything in the tree industry.  

This certification also gives alot of crediability to a tree service.  If the company has went out of its way to gain ISA certifacation they almost always have proper insurance, licensing or anything else required to do tree work in your yard.  Your trees are valuable resources to your landscape and should be given the best care out there.  Hire an ISA certified arborist like Arbor Doctor