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Is there a fungus among us?
The invisible killer
How do I see the signs?
So it probably doesn't take a brain scientist to understand when you see a fungus when the signs are obvious.  The leaf spotting on the picture to the right usually ends in a dramatic leaf drop from the tree.  The picture to the bottom shows those all to familiar mushrooms growing from the trunk of your tree.  But should you be too alarmed?  Maybe the real question is should you do anything about them.  Well the answer to that is a little more of a gray area then you might think.  Similar to insects the problems you cant see are often the worst kinds of diseases in trees.  While these very obvious signs we can see are often minor or things that can not be taken care of.

Why is this mushroom growing from my tree might be a valid question and the answer is decay.  Well the shortened answer is decay anyway.  What has happened is that the section of the tree has died and the mushroom is feeding off the deadwood of the tree.  Now I know that sounds scary because that wood holds the tree up.  But certain trees can be completely hollow inside and stand for hundreds of years in that condition.  While there is always a calculated risk in leaving a tree that is deteriorating.
Maybe the real question is how am I supposed to know when to do something.  We would say let us be the people to guide you and make the right decision.  You can fill out our contact form or send us an email anytime.
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Well now fungus is invisible too?

With insects sometimes you are lucky enough to spot the insects that are doing the damage to your landscape.  With the case of fungi in plant matter you better bring your microscope because most of it is hidden right under your eyes.  Worst thing is that even if you can identify that something has fungi there are plenty of beneficial fungi in tree as well.  As for the case on the picture to the right you are seeing the damage that the fungus has caused the living area of the tree.

Think of fungus in the living area like a clotted artery.  The artery continues to fill although it has been blocked.  In this case it spreads in every direction in the living tissue causing the branch to die back and it often doesnt stop until the tree is no longer living.  With fungi it is what you cant see that will kill your trees.  Its always good to know what is in your immediate area that can kill off your valuable trees.
Now this might be a scary thought but often when you see the signs in your own tree it is too late for that individual tree.  Often saving other trees that get the same disease will be the top priority.  Or looking for signs in your neighborhood may be a little beyond many peoples initial thoughts.  Here are some things to help you identify if you have a fungal issue.

  • Sections of trees dying. Often on one side or top of tree
  • Groups dying near each other
  • Leaves falling from trees
  • Spotting on leaves, tips turnign brown, or any abnormalities on the leaves