Arbor doctor was created in 2006 as an educational service to provide homeowners with knowledge about impending problems coming to their trees.  At the beginning we had little financial backing and like many companies we started with nothing but the hope to spread the word. 

The owner of the company, Bryan Gilles, spent much effort on studying diseases and the cycles involved with the spread of these diseases.  He wrote articles that were published in many papers throughout the Minneapolis metro area and continued to grow the business slowly.

Now we fast forward 10 years and Arbor Doctor is steadily helping more homeowners than ever before.  Knowledge gained from across the country has led to a better approach to plant health care.  The company now uses a variety of methods to treat trees for diseases.  The methods used are now based on results and the wishes of the customers.  Through giving customers options we are giving customers what is rarely given in this industry.

We look to continue to educate anyone who wants to hear about their trees and landscapes alike.  Our bonds with great services continues to grow and now have 30 plus trees services to offer our clients in need of trimming and removals.  We look forward to seeing you soon.