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Arbor Doctor does not rely on the use of one system or product.  Instead we give you the options that will best serve your trees needs.  We only recommend the products that will give you the best results on the market.  We use products that are safe for you and your family.
With over 25 years of experience in the tree care industry ISA certified arborist Bryan Gilles offers the highest level of knowledge in the plant health care industry.  He has vast knowledge in trimming standards, landscape design, landscape maintenance, plant health care, and planting knowledge.  Growing up and working for a small, family owned tree service Bryan learned the knowledge he needed to open Arbor Doctor.  His knowledge spreads across a wide spectrum of plant life.  His extensive work in Minnesota, Wisconsin, California and Texas keep him learning about tree issues.  His primary field of study is the spread of tree issues in an area and how to protect valuable assets.  He is a master field technician with over 10 years of experience treating for harmful diseases and insects.
Bryan Gilles treating a pine tree with ArborJet system.
Every good plant health care program must have a good process in place to make sure the best results are achieved.  Our process starts with inspecting the site for proof of insect damage, disease and nutrient dificiencies.  With this information we can make a proper diagnosis of the problem.  Educating the customer of the problem and how it was diagnosed is one of the most important parts of this whole process.  Once everyone knows how the issue came to be we create a plan to help the tree acheive proper health and thrive in its environment.  This often requires treatments to protect the plants from disease or replenish nutrients they need.  After the treatments are done follow up is often required to maintain health of the plant or to protect it from new issues.
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