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Arbor Doctor offers the finest in materials and knowledge to treat your trees from insects and fungus based diseases alike. If there is anything wrong with your tree Arbor Doctor can and WILL be able to treat it. Arbor Doctor has commercial pesticide applicators license and is a licensed mauget and wedgle applicator.

Arbor Doctor offers the only chemical on the market that is backed by the USDA and has been proven highly effective against the spread of Emerald Ash Borer in studies in the forests of Michigan.  Our methods of treatment is SAFE for trees and has been used for over 60 years.  We are now treating to prevent emerald ash borer, two-lined chestnut borer, bronze birch borer, oak wilt, Dutch elm disease and many other diseases.
Arbor Doctor is a cutting edge company that specializes in treating trees and shrubs from harmful diseases.  Our website includes information from field work, the latest and greatest in reference books and of course from sites like the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and other relevant sources.  We wanted you to know as much as possible to make an informed choice to have one of our experts out to diagnose a problem.
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Arbor Doctor does one thing and it does it better than the rest.  We help keep your trees healthy and free of disease.  We are not a tree trimming or tree removing service.  We can refer you out to the best tree services in the area for that though.  Instead of being a jack of all trades we focus our efforts on one thing.  SAVING YOUR TREES.

This year we started using arbor systems products.  They allow us to stay at the cutting edge in tree treatments.  We are able to keep from drilling into your tree.  The system is the equivalent of getting a shot at the doctors office.  This method has been proven successful in the 99.99% against the spread of emerald ash borer.
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Arbor Doctor specializes in diagnosing disease and treatment of trees.  We do not trim or remove trees, but we offer referrals to the best tree service providers in your area. Our ISA certified arborists provide the best in industry knowledge and equipment to ensure your trees thrive.  

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